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Venue: Hegarty Auction Rooms, The Bypass, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Date: Sunday,14th April 2019 at 3pm

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Lot: 232 | Place Advance Bid

MIXED BOOK LOT, includes; (i) Van Gogh drawings, (ii)A woodworking book, (iii)A Buyers Guide, (iv) J H Plump & Huw Wheldon, "Royal Heritage & the story of Britain's Royal Builders & Collectors", with others, includes 10 books

Estimate: €
Lot: 233 | Place Advance Bid

A MIXED BOOK LOT, includes; (i) British Pistols & Guns, (ii) Sporting Guns (iii) Coins of England & The UK, with other Antiques-related books, 8 books in lot

Estimate: €
Lot: 234 | Place Advance Bid

A MIXED BOOK LOT, includes; (i) Dictionary of Art, (ii) The Book of Porcelain", (iii) British Pewter, with others includes 9 books

Estimate: €


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